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                                                          BuildFax Data

  • 8 billion data points on more than 80 million U.S. commercial and residential structures

  • Construction history on properties in 8,500+ cities, counties, and townships

  • Remodels, new construction, pools, demolition, and roofs

  • Covering all the trades — mechanical, electrical, plumbing

  • Data points include inspection/contractor history and more

  • Know Before You Go: Arm yourself with the construction history of the property so that you know more about the property going in, especially by using BuildFax's 19-point risk factor summary.

  • Better Documentation: Share documented repairs (such as HVAC updates and roof replacements) and value increases (such as additions and remodels) with your clients to help them have peace of mind in the property purchase.

  • Even Better and Easy with HomeGauge After purchasing a BuildFax report it will show up in your list of reports beside your home inspections and you have the option to share or not share it with your customer.

  • Request with your Inspection Report. $$

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