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Antoine Professional Real Estate Inspection LLC.
450 S Denton Tap Rd,#962
Coppell, Texas 75019-0962
Tel: 469.215.7065
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Questionnaire form for home inspection



  • If this a NACA - Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America request I will need client NACA ID:# to complete the Inspection

  • How soon you need the inspection ?

  • Is the home/building vacant ?  

  • Are the utilities on in the home/building ?

  • How many kitchens ?

  •  Square footage ?

  • Age of home/building ?  

  • Have you ever had a home/building inspection done before ?

  • Any special items you /your spouse are partner are especially concerned about ?            

Inspection Fee varies for size of home/building,
See Inspection price list link
Texas Real Estate Commission
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